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2/28/2022: Paladin Organics launches website and first product through direct sales and through Etsy.

2/27/2022: Amazon purchasing option delayed due to numerous Amazon technical problems on their end.

2/20/2022: Pre-launch testing of website completed.
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About Paladin Organics

We are a small family-owned and operated business in the United States of America. Our business was formed at the beginning of 2022, with our organic lip balm being the first product released after several years of testing. We hope that you will enjoy our current and future legendary quality products, which go above and beyond USDA Certified Organic standards, as much as our family does. View our legendary company video and share it with the world!

To view the first product we produced, please click here.

[pal-uh-din] a heroic knightly defender or advocate of a noble cause.